Bourne and read

The fiction: The Bourne Ultimatum, released 2007. Director: Paul Greengrass. Props (London second unit): Alex Boswell, Matthew Broderick*, John Moore

*Almost certainly not that one, but this is what the credits say.

The newspaper: The Guardian

It would be easy to scoff at the reputation of the Bourne franchise of spy thrillers. The cameras shake like they’re on board the Enterprise and it’s gritty in the sense that The Bourne Identity came out in the same year as Die Another Day. There are episodes of Barney that look gritty compared to Die Another Day’s invisible car, melting glacier kite-surfing and diamond-faced henchman. But there is a dedication to reality and verisimilitude in the Bourne films, and you only need to watch the start of the third film to see why.

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